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SMEOT (an establishment for metal and electrical training in Twente), is an educational organization that has been providing MBO training and courses since 1970. The service area of SMEOT is “Groot Twente” (Triangle Bathmen, Bergentheim and Rekken).

The board of SMEOT consist of representatives of employer organizations and representatives of employee organizations. Together they have a common interest: “To provide sufficient and well-trained professionals”. We help students find a job or apprenticeship at companies. SMEOT has an extremely large network of compagnies and institutions, as well as excellent relations with VMBO schools. Companies and schools know where to find SMEOT and SMEOT the compagnies. This is most valuable to both for finding jobs. The MBO students of SMEOT and ROC van Twente can be young school-leavers from VMBO and/of HAVO that wish for further training of retraining.

On a daily basis, SMEOT works very closely with a team from ROC van Twente at our location in Driene. ROC provides the theory lessons and SMEOT the practical lessons. Together we provide education with a team of qualified HBO teachers. We also successfully provide information, intake, open house, examination and certification together. SMEOT has a team of highly experienced and practical HBO teachers. Are you a practical student? Then SMEOT is the place for you. We integrate the necessary theoretical knowledge directly into the practical lessons as much as possible.

SMEOT is a modern and contemporary well-equipped vocational school. We want to be a reflection of modern business in terms of appearance, design and a corporate culture in which a professional attitude is an important aspect. Just as people interact with each other in the business world, we also want the relationship between students and teachers.

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7442 EC Nijverdal


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