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RM Precision is a certified training company and offers both internal training and internships. We’re preparing a new generation for our sector. After all, we have WorldSkills champion millers within our company! Do you want to learn within a dynamic company where you can increase your knowledge?

We offer specific internal training and extensive internships. All aspects of the production process can be highlighted: from receipt of the material to delivery to the customers. Thanks to the variety and diversity of the industries we work for, RM Precision in the best training ground for a new generation of technicians.

We are an ISO 9001 certified training company.


We provide internal training so technicians can broaden their knowledge and learn everything there is to know in our profession. Just like our products we can completely customize an in house training.


RM Precision has been facilitating internships for years. Do you have a passion for technology and are you looking for a varied and educational internship?